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We like to define our OMGmother store as the up-and-coming Market Place for aunties, uncles, godparents and more globally friends of the parent: a market place where you can shop for the kids that matter the most in your life.

The products represented on our OMGmother store are carefully chosen by us and placement on our store is offered on an invitation-only basis.

We make sure to select the very best children's brands, which meet our criteria:

 a) Product with a purpose: they need to enter one of the OMG category (see on our OMGstore Home page: I'm 0-2 years / I'm 3-6 years /I'm 7-12 years).

b) Creative & Original Products.

c) Shipment facilities: you need to be able to ship internationally (at least UK/US) and in less than 2 weeks.

d) Friendliness and usability of your webshop.

e) ...and of course, the upmost quality of your products.

Once your products are approved to be included on our store, we work on a regular affiliate program basis (10% fee per purchase).

If you have a product matching an OMGmoment of a child's life on your webshop and would like to join the OMGmother store, we would love to hear from your!!!

Please fill out the form and we will get in touch with you after reviewing your product and webshop.

Thank you for your interest and have a fabulous OMGday!

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